What's the Weather Like in Round Rock, Texas Neighborhoods?

Round Rock, Texas is a vibrant city with a humid subtropical climate according to the Koppen scale. Residents enjoy many pleasant days in spring and fall, while summers are hot and humid and winters are short but can be cold. The average highs and lows are 96° F and 73° F (summer) and 63° F and 40° F (winter). August is the hottest month, while February is the coldest.

It can become uncomfortably humid in June, July and August. The city experiences nearly the average amount of rainfall compared to the rest of the United States, at 36 inches per year. Round Rock is an arid area and has no snow. The best times to visit Round Rock, in terms of comfort rating, are April and October.

On Monday morning, people of Round Rock and the Austin area woke up to broken windshields, dented cars and damaged roofs after hail fell from the sky during the night. Round Rock is perhaps best known as the international headquarters of Dell, which employs about 16,000 people at its Round Rock facility. The presence of Dell, along with other major employers, an economic development program, major retailers such as IKEA, a premium mall and the mixed-use La Frontera mall have transformed Round Rock from a quiet bedroom community to its own autonomous supersuburb. Archaeological evidence suggests that humans have inhabited Round Rock and Williamson County since at least 9200 BC.

One of the most important discoveries of recent times are the ancient bone remains nicknamed Lady Leanderthal because of her age and proximity to Leander, Texas. Open occupation camps from the prehistoric and archaic period are also found throughout the county along streams and other water sources such as Brushy Creek in Round Rock and San Gabriel River in Georgetown. The first known Native American historic occupants were Tonkawa hunters and flint workers who followed buffalo on foot and periodically burned down prairie to help them in their hunts. During 18th century, Tonkawa made transition to an equestrian culture and used firearms to a limited extent.

A small number of Kiowa, Yojuane, Tawakoni and Mayeye Native Americans lived in county at time of first Anglo-Saxon settlements. After being displaced by white settlements Comanches raided county's settlements until 1860s. By end of 19th century Native Americans were being driven out of Central Texas. A famous immigration route passed through Round Rock called Double File Trail because path was wide enough for two riders to travel side by side.

It forms part of a longer trail in North Texas that crossed San Gabriel River in Georgetown, Brushy Creek in Round Rock and Colorado River in Austin. An elementary school in Round Rock school district is named after trail - Double File Trail Elementary School. The age distribution in city was 31.9% under 18 years of age, 8.5% from 18 to 24, 38.8% from 25 to 44, 16.3% from 45 to 64 and 4.5% from 65 or over with average age being 32 years. For every 100 females there were 98.6 males.

The annual BestPlaces comfort index for Round Rock is 7.2 (10% 3dBest), meaning it's more comfortable than most places in Texas. Children living in Teravista can attend Round Rock or Georgetown Independent School District for higher education they can consider Texas Health and Science Center A% 26 million or Round Rock campus of Texas State University. The Round Rock Independent School District has been ranked as best school district in Texas, most diverse school district in Texas and best school district for athletes in Texas. The city charges some of lowest rates in Texas for services offered and offers most reliable services.

The area's top employers are Dell Inc., with around 15 universities in and around Round Rock - 2 public and 13 private - there has been 12% increase in number of graduates over past 5 years. Known locally as “sports capital” of Texas, Round Rock is a relatively prosperous city.

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