Exploring Shopping Centers and Malls in Round Rock, Texas

Round Rock, Texas is a great place to discover a variety of shopping centers and malls. From the iconic Capital Plaza to the bustling Round Rock Premium Outlets, there's something for everyone. Lakeline Mall is a popular destination for shoppers in Round Rock. It houses destination stores such as IKEA, Round Rock Premium Outlets, and Bass Pro Shops.

Downtown Round Rock also offers a wide selection of stores. Round Rock Premium Outlets is an outdoor mall with 125 brand and designer outlet stores. According to CoStar, it's one of the largest industrial properties in Round Rock. This mall provides a huge variety of stores and plenty of parking space.

Capital Plaza is the oldest shopping mall in Austin and recently received a revitalizing economic boost with the opening of a new 134,000 m2 building. It's an emblematic landmark in Central Texas and offers plenty of parking space throughout South Congress. Local universities such as the Round Rock campuses for the state of Texas and Austin Community College also contribute to the talent pool in Round Rock. The city provides affordable housing, high quality of life, and proximity to the University of Texas which supplies a steady flow of young, educated workers.

Micheal Mazuo
Micheal Mazuo

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