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Friendly Reminder from PAMco
Posted on Sep 5th, 2018

Dear Homeowners,

This is a friendly reminder to be considerate of all property of homeowners when walking your animals in the community.  Please understand that not everyone is ok with your animal defecating or urinating on their private property, whether cleaned up after or not.  This can have an adverse effect on vegetation, etc.  Also, please make sure your animals are on a leash when outside your home.

If you notice animals roaming loose around the neighborhood, you may want to consider consulting with Williamson County Animal Control.  To speak to a representative dial: 512-864-8282.  When the recording starts, press 6.  When the next recording starts, press 1 (this tip when calling provided by a homeowner).

As the weather is still warm and people continue to take to the outdoors for activities, please make sure you are doing your part to make Siena Master and Patio Communities as safe and friendly as possible.


David Gotto
Community Manager
Siena Master and Patio Communities
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