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Tiny Library
Posted on Sep 5th, 2018

"Exciting news! Siena has accepted the very gracious donation of our own Little Free Library from Shannon Black, the owner of Sunrise Montessori.  She was thrilled to hear that Siena wanted to put in a Little Free Library to share literacy and the love of books for all.  Shannon was so excited that our community wanted to come together for this project, she contacted us immediately to express her interest to purchase the pre-built library for us! Shannon has also coordinated to help with the installation of it as well. Without kind-hearted and generous people the world would be a much darker place. I hope you will all join us in expressing our extreme gratitude to Sunrise Montessori and Shannon. Once the Library is delivered we will coordinate a date for the installation and ‘Grand Opening Ceremony’ that we hope you will all join us for. The Bake Sale is still planned for Saturday, September 15th from 10a-noon where we will be accepting book donations and small cash donations to add to our library things like: solar lights, decorations and maintaining it.”
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